I Forum for Dairy Innovation

Are you interested in Innovation? And even more so, applied to the cheese world? Are you one of those curious people who need to know more and more? Do you want us to talk about the future? And especially, the future of cheese?

Then, the Forum for Innovation that we organize is your place, where the information comes from prestigious researchers and referents with a wide range of skills in the current dairy scene.

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After slightly changing its format, last November 2020 we organized different presentations focused on both professional profiles and citizens in general interested in dairy innovation.

These Conferences for Entrepreneurship and Dairy Innovation are just a click away on our website, so you can see them how and when you want.

In them we have had the presence of prestigious lecturers, professors, entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, professors or historians.

Men and women united by the same mission: the ability to undertake a scientific-technological and social revolution in food, with cheese as a vehicle. Passionate about spreading their knowledge and technological applications that will revolutionize the future of food, they join Oviedo es Queso to share knowledge and generate social value.