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P.D.O. Cabrales


Location: Cabrales

Address: Arangas 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Andrea Fernández Gutierrez

Phone number: 606024487 Email


Products: DOP Cheese Arangas Cabrales (cow’s milk) DOP The Teyedu Cabrales Cheese (cow’s milk)

Website: –

Product Range: unspecified

Dionisia Lopez

Location: Cabrales

Address: Sotres 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Dionisia López Sanchez

Phone number: 985945031 Email


Products: Dionisia López Cabrales DOP cheese (cow’s and goat’s milk)

Website: Product range: unspecified

El colladin

Location: Cabrales

Address: Tielve 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Celia Rojas Orellana

Phone number: 602187473


Products: Cabrales DOP El Colladin cheese (cow’s milk)

Website: Product range: 350 litres per day

Location: Cabrales

Address: Tielve 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Rosa Gulias

Phone number: 985845904


Products: DoP Cheese El Torcu Cabrales (cow’s milk) Bada Cabrales DOP cheese (cow’s milk)


Product Range: unspecified


Location: Cabrales

Address: Tielve 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Benigno Perez

Phone number: 985845916


Products: CHEESE DOP G. Rieses Cabrales (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

DOP Limited Edition Cheese G. Rieses Cabrales (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

web page:

Product range: 600 litres per day

juan jose bada herrero

Location: Cabrales Address: Tielve 33554, Cabrales Empresa Quesería Juan José Bada Herrero

Cheese Maker: Juan José Bada Herrero

Phone number: 985845919/690370924

Email Address:

Products: DOP Juan José Bada Cabrales Cheese (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

web page:

Product range: 500 litres per day

la llosa

Location: Cabrales

Address: Cabrales Carreña, 33555

Cheese Maker: Manuel Alonso Bárcena

Contact person: Manuel Alonso Bárcena

Phone number: 675963679


Products: La Llosa Cabrales DOP cheese (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

Website: –

Product Range: unspecified

la pandiella

Location: Cabrales

Address: Asyego 33555, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: José Miguel Mier

Phone number: 985845308/620963039


Products: Cabrales DOP La Pandiella Cheese (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

Cabrales DOP La Pandiella Reserva cheese (cow’s milk)

Web page:

Product Range: unspecified

vega de tordin

Location: Cabrales

Address: Barrio La Ería, s/n, 33554 Las Arenas

Cheese Maker: José Vicente Cotera

Contact person: José Vicente Cotera Tele

Phone number: 674597738


Products: Cabrales DOP cheese with three distinct maturation periods:

– White Label (maturation in La Vieya Cave); 

– Select (3-5 months in Felixin cave at 1200 m); 

– Reservation (+6 months in Felixin Cave at 1200m)


Production: Own livestock with a production of 900-1300 liters daily Guided tours to our facilities

where the history of Vega de Tordín, livestock, live milking of a cow and the elaboration of our

Cabrales DOP Cheese – Vega de Tordín is explained with a tasting at the end


Location: Cabrales

Address: Barrio la Heria s / n, 33554 Sotres de Cabrales, Asturias

Cheese Maker: Jessica Lopez Contact Person Jessica Lopez

Phone number: 618938044


Products: Main cheese of Cabrales (4 months of maturation),

Main cheese Reserve (10 months of maturation)

Website: Facebook Twitter

Product Range: Uns specified Guided tours, goat cheese cave and cheese tasting.

pastora mayor

Location: Cabrales

Address: Arenas 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: José Manuel Díaz López

Phone number: 985846518


Products: Cabrales DOP Pastora Mayor Cheese (cow’s milk)

Website: –

Product Range: unspecified

rojo prieto

Location: Cabrales

Address: Cabrales Canals, 33555

Cheese Maker: Felix Rojo Prieto

Phone number: 685821636


Products: Red DOP Cheese Prieto Cabrales in different sizes


Production range: Own cattle with a production of 1500 liters per day.


Location: Cabrales

Address: Cabrales Sands 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Paula Arobes Thomas

Phone number: 680134629


Products: Trestayeu Cabrales DOP cheese (cow’s milk)

web page:

Product Range: unspecified


Location: Cabrales

Address: Tielve 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Francisco and Ma Salud Herrero Martínez

Phone number: 985845909


Products: DOP Valfriu Cabrales cheese (cow’s milk, goat and sheep) Valfriu Cabrales Cheese Limited

Edition DOP (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

web page:

Product Range: unspecified

vicente tolosa


Location: Cabrales

Address: Cabrales Sands 33554

Cheese Maker: Vicente Tolosa Posada Contact person Esther Tolosa

Phone number: 985846647/607896887


Products: Vicente Tolosa Cabrales PED Cheese (Cow’s Milk?

web page:

Product Range: unspecified

Location: Cabrales

Address: Tielve 33554, Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Angel Diaz Blacksmith

Phone number: 985845912

Email Address:

Products: DOP Cheese Angel Diaz Cabrales (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

DOP Cheese The Cabrales Decks (cow’s milk, goat and sheep)

web page:

Product range: 300 litres per day

el duje

Location: Cabrales

Address: Tielve

Cheese Maker: Carmen Herrero Ballesteros

Phone number: 985845902


Products: Cabrales DOP El Duje cheese (sheep’s and cow’s milk)

Product Range: unspecified

victoriano lopez

Location: Cabrales

Address: Sotres

Cheese Maker: Victoriano Lopez Lopez

Phone number: 985945018/662134575


Products: Victoriano López Cabrales DOP Cheese (Cow’s Milk)

Product Range: unspecified

del cares

Location: Cabrales Address: Cabrales Arenas, 33554

Cheese Maker:

Phone number: 985846658


Products: Cabrales DOP Quesera del Cares Cheese

Product Range: unspecified



Location: Cabrales

Address: Arangas, 33554

Cheese Maker: Elena Soberón Pidal

Phone number: 686371640


Products: DoP Sober Cabrales Cheese (Cow’s Milk)

Product Range: unspecified



Location: Salas

Address: La Arquera s/n, 33867 Rooms

Contact person: Alfonso López García and Graciela Rodríguez Arias

Phone number: 985835941/689036048/699 09 49 52


Products: Pitu Blanco cheese and Red DOP Afuega’l, Curd La Arquera;

El Guaje: Semi-cured cheese (cow’s milk) and smoked semi-cured cheese (cow’s milk)


Product Range: High season: 7600 liters per week; low season: 4800 litres per week


Location: Grado

Address: La Pumariega no15, Ambás, 33826 Ambás, Grau, Asturias

Contact person: Marta Fernández

Phone number: 686865822


Products: Barreña (fresh cheese) Unsalted Fresh Cheese (fresh unsalted cheese)

Fresh Cheese With Salt (fresh cheese with salt) Afuega’l Pitu White, Cured White and

Red Afuega’l Pitu Trapu Blanco y Tinto


Product range: 2500 litres per week


Location: Pravia

Address: Somao 148, 33139 Pravia

Contact person: Mari Rodriguez and Julio Menéndez

Phone number: 985583459/603536750



– Afuega’l Fresh Pitu DOP (pasteurized cow’s milk)

– Cured white Afuega’l Pitu DOP (cow pasteurized milk)

– Afuega’l Cured red Pitu DOP (cow pasteurized milk)

– Cured El Peñón (pasteurized cow’s milk)


Product range: 1600 litres per week

Location: El Zarrin s/n, 33891, La Espina

Cheese Maker: Cristina González Guardado

Contact person: Cristina González Guardado

Phone number: 985837766/629442548

Email Address:

Products: Fresh Cheese Rebollin, Afuega’l Pitu White, Afuega’l Red Pitu, Cider Fusion Cheese,

Cheese Like a Goat, Pasteurized Cow Cheese, Lactose-Free Cheese


Product Range:


Location: Salas

Address: Paseo San Martín 7, 33860 Salas

Cheese Maker: Quesada Sea Quesada Sea

Phone number: 646132266


Products: Afuega’l Pitu Cheese Fresh Afuega’l Pitu Tinto Cheese Afuega’l Pitu White Cheese Calpillo

Cheese Cider Cheese With Blueberries


Product Range: unspecified


Location: Grado

Address: Calle La Borbolla 9, 33820 Grade

Cheese Maker: Isabel García Martínez and Ana García Martínez

Phone number: 985750810


Products: POP Cheese Atroncao Blancu Afuega’l Pitu

DOP Atroncao Roxu Cheese Afuega’l Pitu DOP Trapu Blancu Cheese Afuega’l Pitu

DOP Trapu Roxu Cheese Afuega’l Pitu Fresh Cheese


Product range: 18000 litres per month

tierra de tineo

Location: Tineo Address: Pol. Indiana la Curiscada, 33877 Santa Eulalia de Tineo

Phone number: 985 80 00 17


Products: White cheese Afuega’l Pitu Red cheese Afuega’l Pitu


Product Range: unspecified


ca llechi

Location: Rent Piloña

Address: Moruxones, 1, Pintueles 33543 Asturias

Cheese Maker: Alberto Valiente Revuelta

Contact person: Alberto Valiente Revuelta

Phone number: 608682612


Products: Raw milk: DOP casin cheese, Xerra cheese, Baraya cheese Pasteurized milk: Franxón cheese,

Abarin cheese, Barbarian cheese and Caleru cheese

Website: https://

Product range: 150-200 liters per day



Location: case

Address: Reciegos Agrotourism C / El Llano 33990 Case Field

Cheese Maker: Natalia Lobeto Alvarez

Phone number: 610766282


Products: Casin DOP Cheese, Red Cheese


Product range: 2000 litres per week

la corte

Location: case

Address: Tanes, 33994

Cheese Maker: Francisco Cueria Prado

Phone number: 626349211


Products: DOP Casín La Corte Cheese


Product range: 850 litres per week

P.D.O. gamoneu

la casina de cebia

Location: Cangas de Onís Address: Cebia 5, Labra 33556

Contact person: Susana Concha Valle

Phone number: 660044464


Products: DoP Gamoneu Cheese of the Valley (raw cow’s and goat’s milk)


Production: Uns specified

Vega de ario

Location: Onís

Address: Barrio San Roque s/ n, 33556 Benia de Onís

Cheese Maker: Rosa Isabel Sánchez Gutierrez

Phone number: 677377309/666897840


Products: DoP Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s and cow’s milk)

Product range: 1,100 litres per day


Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: Corao, 33556 Cangas de Onís

Cheese Maker: Alberto Martínez Alonso

Phone number: 660902287


Products: PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk)

Production range: No especificado


Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: Peruyes, Margolles, 33547 Cangas de Onís

Cheese Maker: Graciela Valle Fernández

Phone number: 651477650



– PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s and cow’s milk)

– PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (cow’s milk)

Production range: 500 litros por día


Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: Onao, 33589 Cangas de Onís

Cheese Maker: María Belén Bulnes Teleña

Phone number: 647517474


Products: PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk)

Production range:

la solana

Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: El pindal, 33559 Nieda

Cheese Maker: Isabel Valle Díaz

Phone number: 659292882



– PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk)

– PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s and cow’s milk)

– PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (cow’s milk) 


Production range: 200 liters per day


Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: Igena, 33556 Cangas de Onis

Cheese Maker: Hydrangea Toriello Villanueva

Phone number: 630329835


Products:PDO Gamoneu Del Valle cheese (goat’s and cow’s milk)

Production range: Not specified

cuevas de quiliama

Location: Onis

Address: Finca de Quiliama, 33556 Benia de Onís

Cheese Maker: Gerardo Niembro

Phone number: 608907461


Products: Queso DOP Gamoneu del Valle


Production range: 40 liters per day

Additional info: Small cheese factory with a very small production and its own ripening cave.

Quality is sought above product volume.

la vega de fana

Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: Lagos de Covadonga, 33195

Cheese Maker: Jose Ramon Gonzalez y Elena Barrio

Contact person: Elena Barrio

Phone number: 985 79 38 68


Products: Queso DOP Gamoneu del Puerto (leche de vaca, oveja y cabra)


Production range: Not specified

la cuerre

Location: Onís

Address: Bobia de Abajo

Cheese Maker: Tino Suárez

contact person: Tino Suárez

Phone number: 691802585


Products:PDO Gamoneu del Valle Cheese La Cuerre Reciella Cheese (blue cheese, goat’s and sheep’s milk)

Website: /

Production range: 100-300 liters per day


Location: Cangas de Onís 

Address: Av. Covadonga 59, La Morra, Cangas de Onís

Cheese Maker: Juan Sobrecueva Dosal

Contact person: María José Menéndez de la Torre

Phone number: 658452798/656416134


Products: Gamoneu del Valle DOP

Website: https: //

Production range: 100 liters/ 10 kg cheese daily

vega ceñal

Location: Cangas de Onís

Address: Gamonedo de Cangas, 33556 Cangas de Onís

Phone number: 626444003


Products: PDO Gamoneu del Valle cheese (goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk)

Website: /

Production range: Not specified

Big Asturian Cheese Producers


Location: Grandas de Salime

Address: Carretera de Lugo, km. 2, 33730

Comercial director: Manuel Blanco Losas

Director comercial: Ernesto Tessier Folgueras

Phone number: 985980735



– ‘Tres Oscos’ Line: It is the traditional line, and is characterized by a high component of the fat material

which makes its flavor exceptional. They are soft and fresh flavored cheeses, made with selected milks

from cows strictly controlled by Monteverde, and therefore, all our products are guaranteed from

the origin of the raw material used until processing and its subsequent distribution.  

– ‘Berenguela’ Line: Responds to the new needs of society and health care, for this reason and for this

sector, Monteverde manufactures a cow cheese with 30% less fat than the previous one, but that fully

meets the nutrition and taste needs of our customers.  

– ‘Asunción’ Line: They are made of goat and a mixture of cow and goat. It arises as the final result

of a goats livestock development in the Oscos region. 


Gama de producto: 90.000 liters per day


Location: Arriondas 

Address: Carretera de Colunga s / n, 33540

Operational Manager: Raquel Pérez

Production Manager: María Jesús Fernández

Phone number: 985840071/942526251

Email: /

Products:Fresh Mozzarella Light Fresh Mozzarella Burrata Cheese Fresh Mozzarella Pearls Fresh

Mozzarella Slices Mascarpone

Website: queserí 

Production range: 140.000-160.000 liters per day


Location: Ribera de Arriba Dirección: Vegalencia, 33173, Ribera de Arriba

Factory manager: Cyril Hahusseau

Phone number: 985796100

Products:Fresh Pasteurized Cheese ‘Burgo de Arias’. Within this line there are low-fat, low-salt

products, made with goat’s milk, with cow’s milk, and organic, as well as a wide variety of formats.

Cream Cheese ‘San Millán’. In this line, products are made with cow’s milk, and there are low-fat

and with garlic and parsley options


Production range: No especificado

Author's Artisan Cheeses


Location: Coaña

Address: Opened s/n, 33719 Coaña

Cheese Maker: Alfonso Rodriguez Garcia

Phone number: 985473733/689562348

Email: /

Products: Semi-cured open cheese: made with pasteurized cow’s milk. Fresh cheese ‘Open Cottage’:

made with pasteurized milk, without maturation.


Product range: 2000 liters per day


Location: Llanes

Address: Frieras 180, 33594 Posada de Llanes

Cheese Maker: Evaristo Ruenes Celorio

Phone number: 985407199/680515050


Products: Goat Bedon Cheese Cow’s Bedon Cheese Cow’s and Cow’s Bedon Cheese


Product Range: unspecified


Location: Llanes

Address: Irrigation, s/n, 33597 Vidiago

Cheese Maker: Manuel Collera Portilla

Contact person: Tomas Rubio Lopez

Phone number: 985411242/616332808


Products: Collera Goat Cheese Sheep Collera Cheese Vidiago Cheese Adobau Cheese Vidiago Bar

Vidiago Goat Cheese Sheep’s Vidiago Cheese Vidiago Macerau Cheese


Product range: 250,000 annually


Location: Cabrales 

Address: Ctra. General de Arangas AS-345 s / n, 33554, Arenas de Cabrales

Cheese Maker: Juanjo Fernández Contact Person Juanjo Fernández

Phone number: 98546717/605608720/600628178


Products: European Peak Blue Cheese: Sheep Cheese (Sheep’s Milk) Goat Cheese (Goat’s Milk) Sheep

and Goat Cheese (Sheep’s and Goat’s Milk)


Product Range: Family cheese shop with a clear craftsman profile. The litres of milk that are billed

daily vary depending on the time of year and production is seasonal. It ranges from 300 – 380 liters in

winter and spring to 100 – 150 in autumn and summer.

el castañeu de la vega

Location: Rent Siero

Address: Vega de poja, 19, 33519

Cheese Maker: María José Gomez Sanchez

Contact person: María José Gomez Sanchez

Phone number: 654486769


Products: Goat Cheese Goat Cheese and Cow Cheese

Web page:

Product range: 500 litres per day


Location: Peñamellera Baja

Address: Peñamera, 33579 Buelles, Asturias

Cheese Maker: Manuel Gutierrez Schiano-Lomoriello

Contact person: Manuel Gutiérrez Schiano-Lomoriello

Phone number: 651013304


Products: La Chivita Cheese: Made with raw goat’s milk. Rough, slightly damp and mouldy greyish

brown bark by different native molds such as Penicillium roqueforti and Geotrichum candidum. 

More than 2 months of maturation. La Chivita de Cabra Grande cheese with an intense and slightly spicy

flavor: Made with raw goat’s milk. Rough, slightly damp and mouldy greyish brown bark by different

native molds such as Penicillium roqueforti and Geotrichum candidum. More than 2 months

of maturation. La Chivita Mini Pure Goat Cheese with an intense and slightly spicy flavor: made with

raw goat’s milk. Bluish brown bark, slightly mouldy with Penicilium roqueforti. White cut uniform

and semi-soft texture. More than 2 months of maturation. Lactic aromas with clear caprine

touches, mild flavor and slightly acidic aftertaste.


Product range: 50 litres of own goats per day

Additional information: The story of La Chivita begins in 1982 when Jesus, an industrial technical

engineer and Josefina, a social worker, one day decided to look for a weekend farmhouse to relieve

the stress of the city. During the tireless search for paradises, they come to a deep reflection. They

evaluate pros and cons, until they decide to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the countryside in

a small Asturian village called Buelles. Taking a radical turn in their lives and considering new

alternatives. At first they start from 50 goats brought from Granada of the Murcian-Granada breed

and begin to shape a handmade product. Being pioneers in the production of goat cheese with

raw milk in Asturias, and in raising goats throughout northern Spain. It was an important

moment in their lives that they will always remember with particular affection, although sometimes

they will find it difficult to overcome difficulties. Then recognition would come to a job well done.

 Jesus was always a committed person, which led him in 1988 to be the first president of the Association

of Cheesemen of Asturias.


Location: Cudillero

Address: Beiciella S/N, San Martín de Luiña, 33155 Cudillero, Asturias

Cheese Maker: José Manuel Alvarez Valle and José Alvarez

Contact person: Marta Alvarez

Phone number: 985596039

Email Address:

Products: Special bar cheese for sandwiches, pizzas and cachopos Smoked cheese Semi-cured

cheese Denated cottage cheese


Product Range: unspecified

Additional information: History of cheese shop told by Marta Alvarez, currently responsible for

cheesemaking, together with her brother José: “La Fontona is a family business founded by my grandfather

José in 1948. Then my parents (José Manuel and María Elvira) took over the business once my

grandfather dies. My brother Joseph and I always knew we wanted to get on with the business; and

that’s why we studied business at the University of Oviedo. Today, we’re still in the dairy parents

and children. We are dedicated to making products exclusively from cow’s milk without own livestock.

 We acquired milk from Asturian cooperatives. We offer top quality products made with care and

reminiscent of the flavors of yesteryear. “


Location: Villaviciosa Address: Maoxu 7, 33313 Grases – Villaviciosa, Asturias

Cheese Maker: Alberto Amandi Middle Person Contact Alberto Amandi Middle

Phone number: 984104964/659 144 426


Products: Cow Cheese Semi-cured Goat Cheese Goat Cheese and Cow Cheese Smoked Cow Cheese

Cider Cow Cheese Cow Blue Cheese Cider Blue Cheese


Product range: 1,000 litres per day


Location: Llanes

Address: Doors of Vidiago s / n, 33597 Llanes

Cheese Maker: Hydrangea Balmori Peral and Manuel Gutierrez Dosal

Phone number: 985411463/651108716


Products: Goat Cheese Los Cuetos Sheep Cheese Los Cuetos Goat Cheese,

Sheep and Cow Los Cuetos Cheese Vidiago Los Cuetos (cow’s milk)


Product range: 50,000 litres per year


Location: Peñamellera Baja

Address: La Plaza 20, 33570, Panes Company Quesos Monje S.L.

Cheese Maker: Juan José Monje Jardón

Contact person: Juan José Monje Jardón

Phone number: 985414038


Products: Monk Cheese Picón (raw cow’s milk) Monk Cheese Nata (pasteurized cow’s milk)

Peñamellera cheese “La Casona” (pasteurized cow’s milk) Matured sheep’s milk (sheep pasteurized milk)

Cured Sheep Cheese (raw sheep’s milk)

Website: /

Product Range: unspecified


Location: Nava

Address: Place Ovin s/n, 33529, Nava

Cheese Maker: Joaquín Sánchez del Alomo, Isabel Fernández Alonso, Isaura Souza Ordiales

Phone number: 985716981


Products: Creamy Cow Cheese (pasteurized milk), Cow Cheese (pasteurized milk), Cow’s

Self-pressed Cured Cheese, Cow cheese and goat cheese, Goat cheese, Goat’s Self-pressed cheese,

Sheep Ovin Cheese, Organic Ovin Cheese (organic cow’s milk), El Astur Organic Cheese (organic cow’s



Product Range: unspecified

Additional information: Quesu Ovín is handcrafted in Ovín (Nava), in a typically rural landscape, next

to the spa of Fuensanta between the Sierra de la Peña Mayor and the urban center of Naveto. It is the

result of a careful selection of goat, cow and sheep milks from the Asturian valleys. Quesu Ovín is

known for its traditional shape, exquisite flavors and aromas for lovers of good cheese. Quesu Ovin has

been making organic cheese for over a decade. Quesu Ovin “an identity and several personalities”

Member of the Association of Artisan Cheesemakers of Asturias


and partner of the Association Of Ecological and Artisan Market (


Location: Pravia

Address: Salcedo Polygon 2, 33120 Pravia

Cheese Maker: Ernesto Madera López

Contact person: Pascual Ricardo Fernández

Phone number: 639593209


Products: King White Silo, King Red Silo, Kisses of King SIlo, Oversimo of King Silo, Moreimo of King Silo



Product range: 3030 litres per week


Location: Sariego

Address: Camin de la Rima 1447, 33518 Miyares, Sariego.

Cheese Maker: Yaiza Rimada Hernandez

Phone number: 666981457

E-mail: Products: Duernu Cheese (Requesón) Jersey Cow Cheese (Raw Milk)

Website: Facebook La Saecified


Location: Llanes

Address: La Concha s/n, 33569 Llanes, Asturias

Cheese Maker: Vanessa Sordo

Phone number: 616496547


Products: Matured cheese Vidiago Valle Mijares (pasteurized cow’s milk).

Product range: about 1000 litres per day, on demand