Asturias is Quesu




The Largest Cheese spot

Asturias is the region where the sea and the mountains meet. Its orography allows to characterize each elaboration. An incomparable setting that fuses flavors, aromas, textures and nature. A starting point established by the mountains and their caves used to mature these gastronomic gems. Making the Principality of Asturias the largest cheese spot in Europe, which houses more than 300 Asturian cheese elaborations, four Protected Denominations of Origin and a Protected Geographical Indication.

Asturias is Quesu is a campaign made to talk about the Asturian cheese biodiversity. Rooting to the land, the biodiversity of the environment, work, and the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation guarantee the quality of Asturian products.

A wide variety of products from rustic, which have a more consistent texture, refined in caves, where the manual work and the kneading of the cheesemaker are noted, to other more delicate ones that have to do with new creations and new gastronomic trends; Both aspects complement each other and make Asturias a unique territory in terms of cheese diversity. Asturias is pure pleasure. Asturias is a natural paradise. Asturias is Quesu.

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