Internationalization Month

Cheese is an international product, forming part of a global phenomenon. In less than a century, the dairy industry, and with it the cheese industry, has evolved from a highly regionalized sector to a global industry thanks to various factors, such as technological advances or improved transportation.

International cultural trends have also helped make this globalization possible, making cheese a cult object.

The Asturias Paraíso Natural International Cheese Festival, together with its strategic partners, continues in the same line, promoting this internationalization.

The Festival will feature more than 4,000 cheeses from 40 different nationalities from the 5 continents, in addition to 250 international judges who will evaluate the cheeses that participate in the World Cheese Awards, the most internationally renowned cheese awards.

In addition, the international character of the Festival will be reflected in the Espacio Origen through the participation of different European certifications that will publicize their unique products, in the II Forum on Dairy Innovation where there will be international speakers and in the Cheese Market where both cheeses will be sold locals and foreigners.

Likewise, the Festival will be attended by cheese lovers who will travel to Oviedo for the celebration of the most important gastronomic meet of the year.

In short, the International Cheese Festival will be the most relevant cheese Festival at an international level.