"Sidra y Queso sabe a beso"

When the temperatures start to drop and the leaves start to fall, it means one thing: apple season has arrived, and therefore cider season. As expected, cider pairs very well with cheese, thanks to its high acidity and different levels of dryness.

Whether you are preparing a cheese board for an elegant dinner or you simply want to enjoy a good dessert or appetizer, the different flavor tones of the ciders make it possible to create a perfect pairing with any cheese.

At the Asturias Paraíso Natural International Cheese Festival, we will have a Cider Lab, an area where you can enjoy the best cheese and Cider pairings from Asturias PDO. This relationship establishes the perfect prelude to the Festival and a finishing touch for the previous Oviedo es Queso campaign.

As the Asturian saying says “Cider and cheese tastes like a kiss”